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Welcome to my blog!
It all started after I gave natural birth to my firstborn daughter.  The awe of seeing her come out and being fully alert to bond with her straight away was an exhilaratingly experience.   A woman’s body is indeed designed to bring forth the greatest miracle of our lives.  This empowered me as a first-time mom and has given me great confidence to take care of her, especially being away from our extended family.  It taught me to trust my body and my instinct and everything else just came naturally afterwards - breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing and natural parenting.  
Recently, I have extended this love of going natural to using natural products too - from natural body products for the family to household cleaning agents.  Gentle on our skin and on our environment too.
I hope to share in this blog the beauty of it all and more.  


  1. Hi Cristine,
    I also share the joy of natural birthing.. thanks to Ginny Phang who gave us training on natural birthing during my pregnancy... my actual labor started 11pm the night before .. but I was able to sleep for about 5 hours.. then intense labor pains at 6am the next morning.. was wheeled into the emergency room at 8am and gave birth at 8:30am (no other tools except the correct breathing methods ive learned from Ginny...

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  3. I really enjoy the blog article. Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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